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Constantine Youssis

Constantine Youssis 150 150 Heyer Performance

“Take 3 Greeks, with 3 different management styles, and 3 unique ideas about what a restaurant should be, then throw in Heyer Performance, and you get a well-articulated concept, a defined management strategy, and a…

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Jim Nawn

Jim Nawn 150 150 Heyer Performance

“Julia Heyer supported our project as a guide from market survey, to project budgeting, to drawing the design teams together and through operational details. Heyer also shaped the design concepts into operational guidelines leading to…

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Nathaniel Bette

Nathaniel Bette 150 150 Heyer Performance

“First Columbia has enjoyed working with Heyer Performance on several distinct food projects over the last few years. Julia and Vin provided insights to the restaurant industry that helped our team make the best possible…

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Mark Sy

Mark Sy 150 150 Heyer Performance

“Choosing Heyer Performance to assist us in the development and build out of the restaurant was essential to the pre-opening success of the project. Their extensive knowledge and vast experience helped guide us among the…

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Emily Minns

Emily Minns 150 150 Heyer Performance

“Julia was my primary client contact in various transactions over the course of a couple years. She was quickly responsive, possessed a vast range of knowledge about the actual business of operating a restaurant and…

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Heather Laiskonis

Heather Laiskonis 150 150 Heyer Performance

“Julia not only knows the restaurant business inside and out, she really cares about her clients…From inception to opening, she is there, 100% with a breadth and depth of knowledge that is unsurpassed by other…

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Laura Lebleu

Laura Lebleu 150 150 Heyer Performance

“I had the pleasure of working with Heyer Performance as a marketing consultant / copywriter and was struck by their absolute professionalism and rigor. Julia and her team has an ability to articulate and share…

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Hugo Uys

Hugo Uys 150 150 Heyer Performance

“Heyer Performance gives a refreshed perspective on the phrase ‘attention to detail.’  I have had the opportunity to work with Julia and her team and have marveled at how easy they made it for us to…

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Cheryl Farr

Cheryl Farr 150 150 Heyer Performance

“We chose Heyer Performance to take on a really tough challenge: Developing the food & beverage concepts for the first-ever intersection of coworking, childcare, and food & beverage. Even when things got tough, they served…

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Michelle Gardner

Michelle Gardner 150 150 Heyer Performance

“Choosing Heyer Performance to be part of our team proved to be the smartest decision we made…your highly professional guidance and assistance made our project run smoothly and successfully. Your knowledge and experience within the…

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