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Lodgic Everyday Community

Lodgic Everyday Community is a new hospitality experience integrating co-work spaces with various Food and Beverage services, as well as onsite childcare. HPI initially was engaged to develop the Food and Beverage concepts to support the brand and capitalize on the market opportunity. Since the work started the scope has been expanded to include strategic business and development advisory services, location and site assessment, deal structuring for the prototype and additional locations.

For the prototype in Champaign the team is tasked with the development of the hospitality related business aspects, space programming + facility advisory, experience mapping, full operational blueprint development including menu, organizational structure, service and experience development, corresponding budget and financials development as well as opening support to the operations team we will help bring on board.

The first location is in development in Champaign IL, while additional locations are under assessment. The goal is to open the first five entities within four years of the Champaign opening slated for summer of 2018.

Services Used

  • New concept development + strategic positioning
  • Brand differentiation + articulation
  • Market studies + competitive analysis
  • Experience path development + mapping
  • Design + experience guidance
  • Master planning + space programming
  • Operational functionality + facility design advisory
  • Operational blue-printing
  • Startup strategy + pre-opening planning
  • Project management+ process guidance
  • Due diligence + feasibility studies
  • Business modeling + plan reviews
  • Financial projections + budget pro forma
  • Investment scenarios + deal structures

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© 2019 Heyer Performance, Inc.
Trademarks and brands are the property of their respective owners.