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Lodgic Everyday Community

National Brand + prototype location
Champaign, IL


Lodgic Everyday Community is a new type of community that melds co-working with child-care and fun, healthy dining to serve the needs of young families, professionals and entrepreneurs. The goal goes beyond creating a viable business—it is about engaging the next generation in service and community.


Because Lodgic presents a visionary new model of how communities work and play together, there were many questions that arose. What dining concepts are appropriate, required and ideal for a project of this nature? How to will the various lines of business interact and support each other? What is the appropriate market, location, and sizing? What should the organization, culture and operational framework look like?


Signal.csk, a brand strategy firm and project developer, engaged HPI to develop an initial food and beverage concept to meet both experiential and financial objectives.
Since then, HPI’s scope broadened to include detailing the overall business model, conducting market analyses and site identification and selection, budget development, deal negotiation support, and full design and technical team assembly. Design development is underway for the venture’s first location, set to open in 2018 in Champaign, IL.
HPI is slated to support the detailed development of not just the prototype, but the ongoing site selection, design detailing and operational implementation of five upcoming locations.

Services Used

– New concept development + strategic positioning
– Brand differentiation + articulation
– Market studies + competitive analysis
– Experience path development + mapping
– Design + experience guidance

– Master planning + space programming
– Operational functionality + facility design advisory
– Operational blue-printing
– Start up strategy + pre-opening planning
– Project management+ process guidance

– Due diligence + feasibility studies
– Business modeling + plan reviews
– Financial projections + budget pro forma
– Investment scenarios + deal structures

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© 2019 Heyer Performance, Inc.
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