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Great Northern Food Hall & Agern Restaurant

Food Hall & Restaurant
Grand Central Terminal – New York, NY


The Great Northern Food Hall and Agern Restaurant, both located in New York’s iconic Grand Central Terminal, offer Nordic inspired food with seasonal menus that showcase produce from the local New York region.


Claus Meyer, the creator of the New Nordic Cuisine movement and co-founder of famed restaurant Noma, was inspired to bring New Nordic food and Scandinavian hospitality to NYC, using local, seasonal ingredients. Our challenge was to create a space that remained true to Meyer’s vision, while satisfying the local market, meetings the strict constraints of a landmarked building like Grand Central Terminal while fulfilling the demands of financial investors and the Metropolitan Transit Authority.


HPI was engaged to help Meyer and the investment group conceive and detail a multi-faceted New Nordic restaurant concept within Grand Central Terminal. Our initial assessment of the preliminary concept found it too restrictive for the market and limited in its sales potential. From that point, HPI’s focus was to create a financially feasible space to meet the needs of Grand Central’s travelers, tourists, and guests with a variety of food offerings and experiences that would evolve throughout the day. We developed a market of food pavilions offering everything from quick grab-and-go options to a rooftop garden meal, and from a counter service snack to a leisurely drink at the bar. Our team also recommended a Nordic brasserie to complement the Food Hall, which became the Michelin-starred Agern restaurant in the adjacent space.
Beyond delivering local market sensibility, unique experience design, sound operational expertise and financial performance, HPI assisted the client in clarifying Meyer’s Nordic brand for the New York market, improving the deal parameters, formulating the budget and business model, assisting in lease negotiations,, assembling the project team and managing the multi-faceted project through design completion—all while maintaining vision, guest experience, and operational functionality with the opportunity for financial performance.

Service Used

– New concept development + strategic positioning
– Brand differentiation + articulation
– Market studies + competitive analysis
– Experience path development + mapping
– Design + experience guidance

– Master planning + space programming
– Operational functionality + facility design advisory
– Plan reviews + financial assessments
– Start-up strategy + pre-opening planning
– Project management + process guidance

– Due diligence + feasibility studies
– Business modeling + plan reviews
– Financial projections + budget pro forma
– Investment scenarios + deal structures

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© 2019 Heyer Performance, Inc.
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